The best option to increase the number of labels who send you promos is to contact labels you are interested in, through their websites or social media channels and apply for a place on their Inflyte promo list. 

Some labels will be happy to accept requests, other labels will not. Generally speaking, the bigger the label, the harder it is to obtain a place on their list. No two labels take the same approach.

Labels are looking for DJs and tastemakers who can provide some kind of promotional return for receiving their music free of charge before anyone else. 

It’s a two way relationship, that should provide value for both parties. The value to the label comes from having DJs on their list who provide constructive feedback in a timely manner and have various channels open to them where they can promote the labels releases. The value to the DJ is receiving exclusive upfront music before the rest of the world. 

Before you contact any labels you need to be able to demonstrate to the gatekeepers what you can do to support their releases. 

Labels are looking some DJs and tastemakers who generally fall into these categories:

  • Resident DJs playing regularly
  • International touring DJs
  • DJs with radio shows/mix-shows
  • Online Playlist curators
  • Bloggers/Online reviewers

If you fall into one or more of these categories, you’ll need to demonstrate:

  • How many people you play to every week
  • How many listeners/streams your radio show has 
  • Website traffic if you are a blogger
  • Link to your socials - Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter etc.
  • Show evidence of charts on Beatport, Traxsource etc

Finally, avoid using a cookie-cutter approach when contacting labels by using a copy and paste pitch. They can spot amateurs a mile off, for example:

“Hey i really like your music, put me on your list”

Be polite, target only labels you are genuinely interested in supporting and tell the labels which of their recent releases you’ve been playing, so they can get a measure of the style you are into.