Inflyte supports four different campaign report formats:

PDF (Report): If you need to send super-detailed, content-rich reports with pack-shots, lots of images and colour coded report categories this is for you. PDF reports support many customisation options. You can hide/show categories, statistics, images etc.



Word document (View All) : This is a basic report which contains basic feedback, a campaign overview and some visualisations including heat-maps and favourite tracks. They are not customisable.



Live Reporting (Share Stats): This option allows you to share a real-time report with anyone who needs to see the campaign data. It grants users access to live campaign data in real-time. Enter the email of anyone who requires access and they will receive a link to the campaign data. The data will also appear on their dashboard.



Spreadsheet: If you need to export the raw campaign data in spreadsheet format, simply go to your campaign Ratings  and click Tools > Analysis Report. This will export a spreadsheet file which can be filtered and modified as required.