We want to ensure that all Inflyte users, customers and partners receive the same high-quality level of customer care, technical support and user experience by providing a level playing field for users of our system that works to protect us all.

Anyone using our system, must follow the Inflyte Fair Use Policy. If you violate the Inflyte Fair Use policy, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account. This is in addition to our standard Terms & Conditions which are listed on our website.

Inflyte provides a solution that provides maximum transparency for labels in terms of the cost per campaign and the ultimate choice for end-users in terms of high quality download formats. Because we don’t charge for data, storage or bandwidth, in order to keep our prices at an affordable level for all users, all we ask is for everyone to play fair.


Inflyte has a responsibility to customers, stakeholders, and partners to maintain the positive reputation of our platform, in order to maximise deliverability of all Inflyte emails and communications including invites, promos, reminders and customer communications. In addition to our Email Permissions and Practices Policy detailed in our standard Terms & Conditions, we may ask you to provide evidence of opt-in permissions for any data you wish to import to our systems. We also reserve the right to deny import to any data which violates our policy.

Data Quality

It is your responsibility to ensure your email and contact data is of good enough quality to help you build your promo database on Inflyte. Inflyte should not be used as a tool to clean up lists, or monitor for bounce data. If you put junk in, you’ll get junk out.

Third-party lists

Inflyte monitors for third-party lists. These lists can and will be detected and import potentially denied. There is no value in using these lists apart from making your label look amateur and your company name ending up in the spam folders.

Contact Limits

Standard Inflyte plans come with a contact limit that is subject to our Fair Use policy.

Any increase to the limit needs to be approved by Inflyte. As a guide, if you are a responsible account using good quality data/contacts and have an acceptable ratio of subscribers to invites, Inflyte will work with you to help grow your database.

Promo Campaigns

A promo campaign is defined as a single catalogue number promo release that would normally be expected to appear as a single product code at retail on Beatport, Spotify etc. This can be a single, album, EP or compilation.

Promo Credits

One promo credit entitles the sender to send one promo campaign to their subscribers.

Combining multiple catalogue numbers into a single promo campaign is not permitted and would be considered a violation of our Fair Use Policy.

Inflyte monitors for violations and reserves the right to remove any campaigns deemed to have violated this code and suspend or terminate any accounts responsible.

Number of Tracks Per Promo

The number of tracks per promo should not exceed the number of tracks featuring on the retail release of your campaign. From a user experience, we recommend no more than 12-15 tracks at a maximum. Our data suggests that campaigns that exceed this number of tracks tend to have a negative impact on users response rates. There are also technical considerations that make for a poor user experience and can affect campaign performance. For example, the Zip folder for a 15 track campaign can be as much as 10GB for wave/AIFF users.

Larger campaigns should ideally be split across multiple campaigns Part 1 and Part 2 etc.

Direct To Fan

Inflyte is a business to business platform for securely distributing promos to music industry stakeholders for the purposes of release promotion. We are not a direct to fan service and do not support accounts who are seeking to build up these marketing channels.