Share Stats allows labels to share a real-time activity feed of live campaign data with any number of campaign partners eg label partners, artists, management etc.

Partners can view either detailed campaign information or a summary of the campaign in real-time.

Access can be enabled or revoked at any time.

Downloadable PDF reports can also be attached and made available to any partner that has been invited to view.



This displays a limited set of live campaign data including plays, downloads, favourite tracks, visualisations and overview stats.

This information updates in real-time.

This option is useful for giving partners a taster of the activity on their campaign in advance of the full campaign report.


Includes all of the information in the Summary, plus detailed reviews and comment, just like the previous version of Share stats.

This option is useful if you are happy to provide partners with all the campaign data in real-time. 

Access levels can be modified during a live campaign.